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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Next Family Vacation

After our family’s vacation to Hong Kong, we’re ready for a change of pace and surroundings. Since Hong Kong is mainly a city tour, we’re planning a family beach vacation. Someone suggested Thailand though every thing is just in the planning stage.

My sister might visit Jersey next month and see some old relatives. It would be her first time visiting New Jersey so Thailand seems to be taking a back seat as she’s already scouring the Internet for New Jersey attractions. I heard her on the phone discussing with my cousins which places might be a nice visit. One of my little cousins suggested Morey’s Piers. The little rugrat wanted to visit there since she read my previous post about the Radio Disney Concert Series happening in the area.

My sister did a little Google Search and she was interested in visiting the place as it seems like a good vacation spot. The little rugrat was of course ecstatic while I on the other hand was envious. Morey’s Piers was also offering weekly specials and she already set her timetable to Monday so that they can catch the Radio Disney Concert Series.

Oh well, since my sister is too busy planning her own vacation, I’m tasked with planning for our Thailand visit. No worries as that won’t happen until next year.