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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Philam AIG's unreachable Hotlines

It really bothers me that most credit card companies' hotline are now unreachable. Case in point, AIG credit card's hotline. It took me thirty minute of persistent dialing in order to get through. Maybe AIG or Philam should put more effort in manning their hotlines rather than hiring people to pester you in the middle of the day to offer you their "other products".

Good thing I already cut my AIG credit card. The fact that they don't have any online website to check your balance plus the fact that they have an unreachable CSR means that this company's service is going downhill.


Marvin Alvarez said...

I've never had problems reaching a call center agent from HSBC or CitiBank. I usually get to one within 3-5 rings.

However, with my local credit cards (i.e. UnionBank, Metrobank), I usually wait 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the HSBC and CitiBank call center agents sound more professional too.

Anonymous said...

AIG? Naku pano na yan e kuha na raw ng Eastwest Bank ang AIG Philam credit cards. Buti hotline sa AIG 30 mins lang, sa Eastwest mga 1 buwan lang naman. Ayaw mo maniwala? Try calling 888-1700 then press 1 then press 0 for CSR. Mamumuti lang tenga mo sa kakahintay ng 40 years. Kawawa naman mga credit card holders ng Philam - pag meron ka nito, naku ipacancel mo na card mo, or itransfer mo balance sa iba. wag lang of course sa eastwest.

Anonymous said...

I've had a horrible experience with AIG's customer service, in particular conducting online transactions. I paid for a conference using my card and even though I had notified AIG that I was making such a transaction, giving even merchant name and amount, it was denied. No explanation, no phone call, until I found out from the merchant. Apparently AIG customer support had failed to tell me that in order to process online transactions of that amount I had to either be done manually through the phone, or they had to be given the EXACT time, that the merchant was to process the transaction so they can monitor it. This makes absolutely no allowances for time zone differences. What's the point of having an international credit card if it forces me to go through the inconvenience of coordinating with the merchant myself so they can do a manual transaction over the phone? I had to call 3 times over a week to follow up on this transaction. The last time I called, nothing could be done at the moment because their approving department "was on lunch break". The delays due to this cost me the discount that was offered - around over 300 USD. Lesson is, forget about AIG - find another credit card provider who can provide better service, because they suck.