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Friday, August 15, 2008

Smart Fortwo

I think I've just saw a Smart Fortwo in the streets of Manila. For those not in the know, the Smart ForTwo is a two-seater compact car. And after seeing one, it is COMPACT. Think of your average sedan cut in half. It's really a head turner as not many people see one in the streets plus the fact that the one I saw was colored yellow.

Anyways, the Smart ForTwo can be very useful specially when you're navigating the busy streets of Manila, plus it's not a gas guzzler. I wonder how much did the owner pay for the customs charge or whether that car is a "hot car" since there's no Smart dealership here in the Philippines, well, not that I know of anyway. Check out the Smart ForTwo pic. If it's priced the same as the Tata Nano, then I'd definitely get this one.