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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unlocking the iPhone 3G

For those of you who're wise enough not to buy into Globe's iPhone offer and is thinking of importing a cheaper iPhone from the States, there are some sites such as Gizmodo talking about unlocking the iPhone using a simcard. The first editions of the unlocked iPhone was done using this same method that's why sellers in Hong Kong were able to sell unlocked iPhone 1.0, however, others have been reporting that the sim-based unlocked method usually causes problems such as loss of signal.

The DevTeam is working on a software to unlock the iPhone 3G so until they come up with that hack, its best to hold off buying the iPhone from the States until an official unlocked method has been done.


Anonymous said...

please let me know kung saan ako makakbili ng turbo sim para sa iphone 3g d2 satin sa pinas within metro manila

salamat poh badong

natalie1981 said...

Wala ata nito sa Pinas. But if you Google for unlock iPhone 3G philippines, I think there's someone in craiglist that offer to unlock your iPhone 3G though ingat lang baka scam.

Paul G. said...

Bumili na lang kaya sa yessim.com mas sigurado na gumagana un, kc yan ang ginagamit ko. 2 pa ang makukuha nyo na sim. At may USB cabel pa naman un. At may sim-cutter pa. Ung mga ibang "turbo sim" or whatever the names are. Di sila good enough dahil after a few days mawawala ang signal. That's my suggestion to you guys!

natalie1981 said...

Thanks, Paul. :D