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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's with all the hoopla on the iPhone 3G?

If your a regular Juan who's technological knowledge when it comes to mobile phones is only limited to text messaging then you're probably wondering what's all the buzz about this iPhone 3G which even got a special segment and endorsement on The Buzz. Aside from that, I think TV patrol even reported about the iPhone launch though I do't know if it got special mention on 24 oras since I didn't catch it.

Well, the iPhone is just a mobile phone though much of the hype is mainly due to die-hard Apple fans and the fact that Apple and Globe have been trying too hard to make it as THE phone to have in the Philippines even though they know for a fact that most Filipinos are Nokia users.

Apple is marketing the iPhone as a revolutionary phone and I must say that it is, but only in terms of user experience since up to now, not one mobile phone manufacturer is able to duplicate or even match the fluid multi-touch interface of the iPhone. The Safari browser is also not bad in itself but browsers such as Opera and Skyfire are quickly catching up so it's really not something to brag about. The other great thing about the iPhone is the iPod feature. Let's face it, when it comes to MP3 players, iPods are the first thing that comes to anyone's minds.

But aside from those two features, I think the iPhone fails miserably as a mobile phone. For one, it has no MMS messaging and two, a lot of people are complaining about call quality. So if the phone features is not something you can look forward to, what do you have? An iPod Touch which you can get for around 12k for the 8GB version on eBay, more than half the price of the prepaid iPhone that Globe is offering.

So what's all the fuss then? Just plain old bragging rights. Because of the buzz surrounding it, everyone already knows the iPhone plus its price so when they see you with one, you will of course turn heads. However, if you get the HTC Touch Diamond or the Samsung Omnia which is a bit pricier, you won't have bragging rights since only a selected few tech geeks like me would know what phone you're holding.