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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where to buy Blu-ray discs?

It's disappointing that Sony's Blu-ray technology doesn't seem to be taking off here in the Philippines. I mean, not even any optical media store carries Blu-ray movies. The popular Astrovision doesn't have any Blu-ray movies on display and they say that it's on a per order basis.

There's only one store, which I forgot the name, in Trinoma, that has on display Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. I guess one of the main reasons why Blu-ray, like DVD before, is not popular is because of the price. A Blu-ray movie will set you back around 1500-2000 pesos.

Now if only the Chinese are able to come up with their own Blu-ray players and pirated Blu-ray movies, then maybe Sony and motion picture companies would wake up and lower the price of Blu-ray movies.

UPDATE: I've found a store selling Blu-ray discs in Trinoma. I think the store name is Infotech though I'm not really sure. Anyways, the store is near Smart Wireless Center and ElectroWorld in Trinoma. Their Blu-ray discs is expensive at around PHP2,100 pesos compared if you just buy your Blu-ray discs off eBay which is around PHP1,500 inclusive of shipping.

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techjunkiemunkey said...

all in due time my friend. blu ray will eventually pick up here in the philippines. although i know how frustrating it is to find the ever elusive blu ray disc here in the philippines. I've seen some blu ray movies in virra mall greenhills if you haven't heard about that yet. I've even tried buying "so-called-blu-ray" discs that were being sold in st. francis square. they just turned out to be nicely packaged dvd9 discs. the vendors sell it as "blu ray" but don't be fooled. I don't think any of them actually know what blu ray really is. lol