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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Which is Cheaper Personal Loans from HSBC or BDO?

BDO used to have a cheap rate for their Personal Loan . I think it was .88% add-on rate per month for a 24 month loan, however, that was just a promo and I think it has expired. Now, comparing their regular loan rates, BDO still has the cheaper rate compared with HSBC at 1.10% add-on rate per month compared wit HSBC's 1.22% to 1.71% monthly add-on rate. There are other companies, especially if you're fond of accepting flyers, that offer personal loans though their rates are probably much higher.

In the US, there are an abundance of companies that offer loans online. Personalloansmania.com, for example, offers Payday and Loan, especially to those who have a less than perfect credit rating.

Personally, if you're based in the Philippines, it's safer to apply for loans in banks rather than resort to those companies who just hands out flyers.