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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool Tools For your Office PC

I'm working for a company and my PC is connected to their LAN. Sometimes, we share files over the network and though it's easy enough to ask your officemate which particular PC they have saved the file on, sometimes, you just need a good search tool to do the job for you. File-O-Scope is a powerful LAN search tool which lets you search for documents over your Local Area Network and could even search for files in archived folders (e.g., .zip, .rar, etc). Also, if you and your officemates have been secretly ripping your CD collection and saving it on your PC, you can save yourself the trouble of ripping their CDs as you can create an MP3 playlist over your LAN with File-O-Scope. Pretty cool feature though it would set you back $39.95.

Another tool, or usefule website is They have a list of free email providers including free POP3 mail. This website would be specially useful for those individuals who find their work email being flooded with their *ahem*, "monthly subscriptions". They could just redirect it to their free mail account and not have to worry of their IT personnel peeking through their "private stuff".

Stay tuned for more cool tools.