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Friday, September 26, 2008

Epson vs. HP Printers

I have had the bad luck of purchasing two HP Printers and both printers never lasted me a year. So when I bought the Epson DX4000, I was ready for a change.

The Epson DX4000 is an all in one printer, sure it's bulky and has as much appeal as your kitchen sink but it's actually pretty reliable. What I love about Epson printers is that unlike other printer ink cartridges, they have separate compartments for each colors so you can save a lot of money when buying your ink cartridges.

The downside is that this printer is just too bulky that it will take up most of your workspace. Also, I have had this for year now and thank goodness I didn't have to take it to the service center.

It's just too bad that I'm having a hard time finding cheap ink for Epson DX4000.

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Anonymous said...

hp cp1515n is my choice don't like epson very expensive cartridge compare to hp it last 7 yrs hp1200 and still working and in goodshape unlike my epson895 didn't last for 2 yrs it's already cold dead