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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Income Protection

Top industry figures came together recently at Financial Adviser's round table to discuss the challenges facing the income protection sector.

As the insurance industry remains split over the future of income protection in the ‘service versus price’ divide, a protection roundtable chaired by Financial Adviser last week, argued that regulators were to blame for the lack of simplicity for both providers and consumers.

In a mixed bag reaction over the need to reduce this protection margin, advisers, providers and industry figures discussed why this is still a growing issue. Many causes were discussed but none more so than those issues surrounding price, costs, charges and clarity of cover afforded.

The industry experts agreed that they need to not only look at innovative ways to address these issues but create an environment that encourages rather than discourages people from considering the benefits offered by Income Protection Insurance Policies.

Cover provided by insurers will vary from company to company. It is important to ensure that anyone planning to take out such cover should carefully consider their requirements, shop around and ensure cover offered meets their needs.

Most income protection companies offer cover to a maximum of 50-65% of your gross annual salary. Payouts under Income Protection Policies do not attract tax under curent legislation.

To assess how much cover you require, it is advisable to calculate your monthly outgoings, i.e. mortgage payments, rent, bills, food, travel costs etc. and use this as a starting figure.

Affordability now moves into the picture and whilst most people insure around 50% of their income, you may decide to cover your mortgage payments/rent and council tax.

If you require any advice on this you should contact an experienced advisor.