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Friday, September 5, 2008

Marketing Your Website

One of the many hindrances that a small business owner encounters when creating their own website is how to make it visible. With the millions of websites on the internet, a website owner can't expect customers to just miraculously stumble upon their site. That is why, website owners rely on online marketing to promote their website.

In order to effectively promote your website, you need to be visible to the search engine. People discover new sites every day by using Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. However, these search engine doesn't automatically searches out your site. Like I said, since there are millions of websites on the internet, you have to compete for that top 10 search position. In order to do this, your website need to be search engine optimized.

Another way that people market their sites is through pay per click advertising. If you notice, whenever you visit websites or just go to Google's search queries, you will see some sort of ads on the side bar. If you want to advertise your site using Google's Adwords, you have to pay them on a per click basis. Meaning, whenever a person clicks on your link, you pay Google or the Ad network a certain amount of fee.

You can do your own marketing and search engine optimization for your site, however it would take a lot of time and research. If you have the resources to spare, it is best that you leave things like this to professional search engine optimization specialist or online marketing services such as There are local SEO specialist, however, their results may vary as you might be hiring an amateur.