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Monday, September 8, 2008

Prison Break Season 4 off to a fast start

While I'm really excited that Prison Break has started I'm a bit torn about the first two episodes. BTW, Sara Trancedi already appeared on the first episode as opposed to what I've written on my previous post. The first episode starts around 3 months later. Though Michael aptly narrated in a short but sweet way what had happened to him, there's still a huge gaping gap as to what happened to him after he left Burrows in Panama. Everything is a blur from there and you have to really stay tuned on your TV or else you'll miss crucial points since this first episode seems to have started on a climax rather than built it up slowly.

You would have thought that because Sara Trancedi was already dead in the previous season, the writers would have slowly built or at least built a story on how Sara escaped or would have at least shown bits and pieces of it, but no, everything is narrated. Then, on the middle part of the show, Sara magically appears and they're reunited. I'm disappointed because this is a crucial point in the show. Sara is supposed to be the love of Michael's life but yet, everything is rushed. It's like the writers just shoved the fact that Sara is alive right in viewer's faces. Sara and Michael's reunion scene also lacks emotion. Michael could have at least shown much more emotion, after all, Sara was supposed to be dead and miracles of miracles have happened. He has spent three months thinking she was dead, the least he could do was show more emotion. The scene looked more like a reunion wherein Sara went for a stroll in the park rather than being back from the dead.

Now I don't know whether I'm just getting tired of this show, after all, I'm known to get tired of series just after the third installment, except of course for CSI, but the fact that all the characters are now reunited and working together against the company seems that it's more of a mission impossible or spy scene rather than the traditional prison break. I guess I have to give writers a slack, hey, after breaking out of two prisons, what more can you do with the show, right?

I do hope that the story picks up soon.