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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Restaurant Reviews: Five Cows

We just ate out at Five Cows in Trinoma. My boyfriend and I always frequent Trinoma and we love restuarant hopping, however, we always passed by Five Cows thinking that it's like Icebergs which offers mainly ice cream. Well, I decided to try them out. I had their cheeseburger and my boyfriend ordered the Carbonara. We also had their chocolate milkshake and their triple chocalate ice cream cake.

We had our meal backward because I was already starving at that time and I know that the main course takes a while to prepare so I told them to serve the dessert first. The Triple chocolate ice cream cake was big, I thought it was small from the picture. There are three layers, the first layer is at thin layer of chocolate sponge cake, the second layer vanilla ice cream and the third layer, chocolate ice cream. The sponge cake layer was awful, almost like the chocolate cake you can buy off your neighborhood bakery. The vanilla and chocolate ice cream were okay. Overall, the dessert is a 3 out of five stars.

Next came the carbonara. I'm never the carbonara type, I always go for spaghetti. I guess it's because I know carbonara has probably more calories than spaghetti because of the milk and cream and all. The carbonara tasted like what your school cafeteria might serve. They served the chocolate milkshake. This is the first time I'm having chocolate milkshake if you can believe it. I've always read about it in teen novels and Archie comic books that I used to read but I never really tried ordering it in restaurants until now. Their chocolate milkshake was one of their house specials and I have to say that it's delicious. It's probably the only thing that I'll be coming back for because the cheeseburger was served next.

I took my first bite, there was something wrong with the taste. I thought it just lacked ketchup so I asked for one. After pouring a generous amount of ketchup on it, I took my second bite. No, it wasn't the ketchup, it was the beef patty itself. I love burgers and I know a 100% pure beef burger when I taste one. Go to Stars and Stripes in Mall of Asia or try Ruby Tuesday, Brother's Burgers, Burger King, and even McDonald's if you want to know what a real beef burger tastes like. Five Cow's cheeseburger tasted like Buena Bonita's, you know, that burger stand you see in MRT offering buy one take one burgers. That's how their cheeseburger tasted like: full of extenders, that you couldn't taste the beef.

I guess I should blame myself for being picky with my food and not ordering their house specials. Maybe next time that I try their chocolate milkshake, I should try their other house specials then maybe I wouldn't be too disappointed.