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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Satellite Internet in the Philippines

Before there was Smart Bro or Globe Visibility, people in remote areas without any cable or phone lines had to rely on Satellite Internet. Satellite Internet like Satellite TV failed to launch except of course, to those who can afford it.

Like Satellite TV, Satellite Internet suffers from intermittent connection during heavy rains and we all know how we're always frequented by typhoons. Plus of course, the high cost of equipment and connection. I only know of one company before who offers satellite internet in the Philippines though I don't know if they still exist. I've found them through this forum.

In the US, since rains are not that frequent specially in the Mid-US, satellite internet are a good alternative. The most famouse satellite Internet provider in the US is HughesNet. Last February, Japan launched their Kizuna Satellite to provide super high speed internet connection to Asia. They're supposed to launch the services last July though I haven't heard any news from them. If local companies are able to utilize KIZUNA's services, it could mean high speed internet access in "Gbps" in your homes. Of course, there's still the expensive set-up cost. But if people are willing to pay for super high speed internet connection, then satellite internet will always have niche market here.