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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ways to Speed up your PC

With Intel churning up new processors yearly, it's very tempting to just upgrade your PC rather than making the most out of it. However, with the looming economic crisis, it would be pretty hard for some people to just throw out their PCs. So rather than buying a new RAM or a new PC, here are some cheap ways of speeding up yoru PC's performance:

  • Defragment. Defragmenting your hard drive is probably the most common way of speeding up your PC. You just go to My Computer, right click on your hard drive, click on properties, then defragment.
  • Cleaning up your Registry. The windows registry is one of the most common factors that slows up your PC's performance. The registry is where information is stored about your OS, hardware, and software. Sometimes this gets corrupted especially if you frequently install and uninstall programs. Doing a regular registry scan would definitely improve your PC's performance.
  • Invest on an Antivirus software. Some viruses and malware could affect your PC's performance. If you don't have an antivirus software installed and your PC's performance compares to a snail, it's time to invest or get a free antivirus software and do a virus scan of your system.
  • Clean up files. Unnecessary and unsed desktop icons as well as files stored on your PC could take a toll on your CPU. Regularly deleting unused icons as well as files could also help improve your PC's speed.