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Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Free Virus Removal Software

Although a lot of Filipinos already have PCs at their home, they usually forego buying an AntiVirus Software. Maybe it’s because they don’t think this is necessary or they don’t have the budget to buy one, hence, most will resort to bootlegged copies. Virus protection does not end with you installing antivirus software, it also involves updating the software so that it can keep up with the thousands of malware being made everyday. A bootlegged copy won’t have much use if it can’t be updated. So rather than resorting to bootlegged copies of antivirus software why not just try some of the free virus removal software out in the market? Here are just some of my favorites.

AVG Free. The most popular free antivirus software in the market. AVG Free has been downloaded a million times over at This software is great because it scans your system very fast and doesn’t overuse your system’s resources.

CyberdefenderFree. Cyberdefender also makes a commercial version of their Virus Removal Software. Although their free version also does a good job scanning your system and also leaves a small memory footprint, the downside is that it’s ad supported

Avira Free. This is another free antivirus software. There’s no ads and it’s quite similar to AVG as you can customize your scans and even schedule it. What I hate about the Avira is that it alerts you every time it has found a threat while scanning so it means you can’t leave your PC while scanning like what I always do with other software.