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Friday, October 3, 2008

Calendar Templates

In just about three months it would be the start of a new year again. One of the ways I can tell it’s Christmas season is that come September, radios are already playing Christmas songs plus the fact that bookstores and other shops are already decorating their stores with Christmas decorations. One of the signs that New Year is fast approaching is the abundance of calendars being sold at gift shops and bookstores.

I always used to love buying those cute photo calendars but ever since I have had my computer and printer, I no longer felt the need to go out and buy one as I can always make one at home. The problem is that five PCs later, I can no longer install my Microsoft Publisher on my PC because apparently, I don’t have a license (don’t let me get started on that). Anyways, thanks to the Internet, I no longer need overpriced software like Microsoft Publisher or Print Shop Deluxe in order to print my calendars or custom-made birthday cards. There are already a lot of websites offering free printable calendars and free printable birthday cards. The problem with these free templates is that you don’t get to see a lot of design options. Fortunately, some would let you upload your own photos and that’s when those free stock photography sites come in handy.

So again, thanks to the Internet, the saying still holds true for me: the best things in life are free.