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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cheap Prescription Glasses

Speaking of Fox News, I came upon one of their segments about buying eyeglasses online. I’ve always thought that things are cheaper in the US—well, when it comes to electronics anyways but I never thought that a prescription glass can cost up to $400! Jeez, $400 for a pair of glasses?! We can get a P50 or $1.5 glasses over at Quiapo! I never thought that it could be that expensive.

Anyways, I saw two websites that Fox News was doing a segment on: ZenniOptical and the other one was Eyeglasses Direct. The latter was actually a small business ran by a man in his home. You can get glasses from these websites from as low as $8 to $46. Well, that’s still not cheap by our standards but it’s cheaper for them.

Now, one of the reasons why these websites became popular is because of their return policy. If you don’t like your prescription glasses or they don’t fit, you can easily replace them without a hassle. Now here’s an idea, if someone in the US can do that in his own home, why not someone here do that? They can probably talk with some stores in Quiapo to supply them with the glasses and all they have to do is set-up an online store. Might be a good business idea to consider since with the ongoing global economic crisis, everyone in the world is looking for cheaper alternatives.