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Friday, October 24, 2008

Creating a Mobile Blog

As you may as well know, I’m a mobile phone addict. I just have to have the latest mobile phones and one of the features that I look for in a mobile phone is: 3G. I surf the internet everywhere, whether I’m at work or commuting, I never miss the chance to check my email or my other current favorite hobby: update my blog.

The problem is that though I have a smartphone with a powerful web browser which can easily display my blog in its desktop PC version, not everyone has a mobile phone which can do this. I’ve tried surfing my blog using Nokia’s less than adequate web browser on their Series40 mobile phones and it’s not a pretty sight. I was thinking about making a mobile version of my blog since a lot of websites already do that but another problem arose: I really don’t have the time to do the research and then create mobile blog.

Enter blog4mobile, my savior. Blog4Mobile is a website that can help those of us who wants to create a mobile version of our blogs without doing all the dirty work such as programming, coding, web site design, etc. It’s pretty easy to create your own mobile blog. You just enter your blog url and your blog feed, submit and wa-lah! You have a mobile blog. You can eved add your own logo. The great thing about this is unlike ordinary RSS readers, your mobile readers can also view images and videos posted on your blog. Check the mobile version of Pinoy Reviews.