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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dumb Luck

I've recently experienced the luckiest day of my life. I always knew I was somewhat lucky in life. It's because I know I never really deserve that much and yet I still get TOO much even for my own good. Well the other day, I was just about to give up on Law School. I'm just too darn lazy to study and I was just skimming the pages of my book. I was reading my books but nothing really stuck to mind. Well, thirty minutes before I was set to begin our Finals, I decided to read up on some past bar examination questions with suggested answers.

Guess what? Of all the dumbest luck in the world, my teacher decided to get substantially all of his questions (7/10) from previous bar examination questions and I was able to read ALL of them. Of course, since I was just able to recently read the questions, naturally, I remembered the answers easily. Halfway through the test I was shaking my head and was misty eyed. I naturally thanked God because I really don't know what good I did to deserve such blessing. Finished the exams in one hour with a smile on my face. We had to hours to finish the exams.

Call it luck, call it coincidence, I call it a blessing.