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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Parties

Aside from Christmas, Halloween is my second most favorite season since it's the only time that I can get to dress up. It's just too bad that we don't celebrate Halloween as much as they do back in the States. In the US, they go trick or treating in the streets and not in the malls plus everyone is in costumes. Also, unlike here wherein houses are already decorated with Christmas decorations come September, in the US, they also set up Halloween Decorations for their homes.

This is also the time wherein costume parties are everywhere. I love attending costume parties and I’m even thinking of hosting one. This would be my first Halloween party so I went over to celebrations.com to see if they have any tips for Halloween party decorations. They have some great ideas and suggestions though most of them involve pumpkins. I really don’t know if any of our local grocery stores carry pumpkins. I know they have Squash but I don’t know whether that would make a good jack o lantern especially since it’s hard to carve.

I might just go buy some of those web-in-a-can thingy and some Styrofoam for my decorations. Then again, maybe I’ll just put up some of my sister’s pictures to set the mood. LOL.