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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hong Kong Condominium Rentals

I've mentioned some time back about vacation home rentals wherein instead of booking at a hotel, you can try booking a house, condominium or apartment. I'm getting excited as I'm planning my next vacation to Hong Kong. I don't know why but for some strange reason, I find myself in love with the city and raring to go back. Must be the MTR. Hands down, their subway system is the most high tech train system I've seen worldwide.

Anyways, been doing a bit of research but so far there are only a few apartments I've seen. I've visited several sites but it seems that they're from the same owner. I guess only few apartment owners are willing to rent out their property. It's a shame though, there are a lot of high rise buildings in Hong Kong and if the residents can see how much money they can make renting out their property to tourists rather than locals.