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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Modern vs. Contemporary Bedroom design

Our family is in the process of renovating our whole home and I'm thinking of a good bedroom design. My family is not really into interior design so I don't have to worry about my bedroom matching the whole theme of the house. It would be just my own space.

The Modern Bedroom

A modern bedroom design consists of very minimal bedroom furniture and is marked by streamlined designs. Modern bedrooms also consists of one to two colors which are mostly earth colors. If you look at pictures of modern bedroom design, accessories are also very minimal with only two to three pillows on the bed.

The Contemporary Bedroom

Like the modern bedroom, contemporary bedroom also uses minimal furniture. In fact, some contemporary bedroom design looks like a modern design because there's really a no clear cut difference between the two. I've asked a designer friend the difference between the two and she told me that contemporary furniture or design can look good on both modern and traditional environment.

Whether you choose to use modern or contemporary design, both designs would go well for those who would like to see more space in their room because of the miminalistic approach of the two.