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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Research your next destination using Travel Web Directories

One of the pains of traveling to a new country is that you have to deeply research the country and find all information regarding the sights to see and other useful information such as public transportation, restaurants, etc. Now most travel websites will provide you with your airplane bookings as well as hotel reservations and some may even throw in a car hire and other travel packages available but they only show relevant websites that are rich enough to advertise on these mainstream travel sites.

Now this is where a travel web directory would come in handy such as and the Australia Travel Guide: These web directories provide users with links to websites that you won’t usually see in your Google searches since they’re buried underneath all those websites which have been optimized. Now while they may not be visible in search engines, these local websites can actually provide you with better information regarding your travel. is an up and coming travel web directory and already I’ve discovered useful travel websites such as and which provides custom made trips around Europe.