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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Samsung Omnia Battery Overheating

I've come upon the first quirk in my love affair with my Omnia: battery overheating. I've first experienced this during the first week that I've had the Omnia but I thought that it was just because I left the device on for a while and I haven't had the same experience again...well, until a while ago. When I took out my Omnia from my bag, it felt unusually hot, I quickly checked it to see if I left it on again but to my surprise, it wasn't. By "on" I mean, I left the backlight on somehow, however that wasn't the case.

I'm tempted to go to the Samsung Store tomorrow and ask what's wrong but I'll do a bit of Googling first and see if a lot of people are experiencing the same problems.


bdgr said...

I was told by a guy in the carphone warehouse in bristol, uk that they've sold about 50-60 omnias and approx 40 have come back with this problem so they have taken them off the shelf for the moment.

natalie1981 said...

Really? Wow, thanks for the feedback. I guess I'm going to have to ask Samsung for a replacement.

Anonymous said...

I took delivery of my Omnia about 3 days ago, it's on its third charge and I've just had to take it out of my pocket because it is burning my leg. Looks like I need to give Vodafone a call.

Anonymous said...

ive had mine for about a month and im getting this about twice a week but never when im actually using it, only when iv left it in standby

Anonymous said...

just got my one on friday last week. When you run the GPS the phone gets so hot that i have to take the battery out...WHat a shame on such otherwise good phone.