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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Survivor Philippines

I've watched the US version of Survivor during its first four seasons. I have to admit, it's addicting to watch but after a while, I got bored and just stopped watching. When I've heard that they were doing a Philippine version, I was intrigued and a bit excited. However, when I saw the contestants in the papers, I was dismayed. Ninety percent of them looked more like they were auditioning for a Bikini Open or something. Part of the fun of watching the US Survivor is because of the diversity of the people there. You have your fat naked guy, your cute guy, the motherly type, the girl-next door, the grandfather, etc. You have variety and the fact that it's believable that these people really are ordinary persons.

In survivor Philippines, there's none. It looks like a star search with a bit of twist. Also when I heard that they were going to air it everyday instead of every week I knew that this was just another half-hearted attempt by GMA to give quality shows so I passed up the chance to watch the initial telecast. Then I heard from my sister that two contestants were taken to the hospital and were given time limit to get back to the island. WTF?!!!! This is supposed to be survivor, NOT big brother! The fact that you have to be taken to the hospital means that you couldn't survive and thus you have to be taken out of the contest. If GMA worried about the incident cutting short their planned schedule for the show, they could have done away with two tribal councils to extend it and added new twist.

Jeez, now THAT's ruining a perfectly good show. They should have done what they do best, copy Big Brother and then rebrand it.


Anonymous said...

i don't agree with u. anong tawag kay nanay zita??at patani??muka b clang models? pati c gigit na mukang lolo. mag isip k nga..c marlon na mukang baboy na demonyo. c cris naman mhrap lng n driver. sna tingnan mo uli isa isa ung mga contestants. atsaka poh ksama sa rules ng survivor ung pag dala sa knila sa hospital.

natalie1981 said...

Mag-isip ka nga din. Ano ba sinabi ko? Ninety percent ng contestants, hindi ko sinabing lahat. Besides, have you ever watched other survivor series? Baka sa ka-iskwakwaan mo indi. May alam ka bang dinala na sa hospital? Wala.

Ang ibig ko lang sabihin maski nasa rules man yun o hindi, it goes against the concept of "survivor". Kaya nga "survivor" eh. Pag na-ospital ka, ibig sabihin, di na nakapagsurvive. SYONGA!

Sa susunod na magcomment ka, magbasa ka at mag-isip din.