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Monday, October 6, 2008

TomTom Go 940

It's such a shame that there are no available GPS maps in the Philippines for the Tom Tom Sat Nav system. I was recently able to get my hands on the TomTom Go 940 while I'm in Europe, and I have to say, it seems that TomTom's are easier to use than Garmin.


The TomTom Go 940 has a sleek piano black finish and is thinner than most GPS devices I've seen. It has large 4.3 inch touch screen display with a very user-friendly interface.


The TomTom Go 940 comes pre-installed with some of the major maps in most European countries as well as US and Canada. The receiver itself gets a good signal even when cloudy or passing through tunnels. The TomTom Go 940 has a clear text to speech engine which can even read SMS messages aloud. The TomTom Go 940 is also capable of hands-free calling with its built-in Bluetooth and also a built-in FM transmitter. The TomTom Go 940 is equipped with TomTom's enhanced IQ routes, which TomTom says came from different data from TomTom users through the years. Well, since I was in a foreign country, I really can't tell the difference if I got to my destination faster or not, I'm just glad I did.


The TomTom Go 940 is definitely one of the better Sat Nav systems around. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it has a sleek, cool look to it.

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Anonymous said...

there is a downoadable filipino pinoy voice for tomtom on youtube.