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Friday, October 3, 2008

Traveling Mauritius

Mauritius is a gorgeous island just off the coast of Africa located southwest of the Indian Ocean. Like the Philippines, Mauritius is a tropical country and also hosts some of the world’s attractive beaches. Because of Mauritius’ tropical climate plus white sand beaches, many couples conduct their honeymoons in Mauritius.

Things To do

Like what I’ve said, if you’re going to Mauritius it means that most of your activities are limited to frolicking in the beach, having a romantic stroll on the beach during sunset, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and when your budget permits it, you can also squeeze in a bit of golfing too.

Where to Stay

Mauritius has become a popular tourist destination so there are a lot of hotels in Mauritius. There are a lot of five star hotels and beach resorts that you can find in Mauritius and I’m sure, a little bit of Googling will yield you the most affordable places to stay in.

How to Get Around

Most travelers recommend hiring a taxi for day since public transportation specially the bus would take a while. You can also rent a car but the cheapest and most convenient way is just hiring a taxi which would set you back around 2200-2500 Rupees a day.