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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When are you considered a "techie"?

I just have to write this so that the word "techie" won't be used so loosely. It gives us geeks a bad name. So, what does make a techie?

  1. When it comes to mobile phones, having the latest model doesn't make you instantly a techie. I have an old professor who bought the latest iPhone for the sake of being called a "techie" and yet he still uses pen and paper to jot down his appointments and reminders. In order to be called a techie, you should not only know how to use the basic stuff on your phone but you should also know how to unlock, jailbreak, flash, and install applications on your phone.
  2. Owning the latest PC or Mac doesn't make you a techie, building a similar model at half the price and knowing how to upgrade and troubleshoot your PC/MAC, THAT'S techie.
  3. Owning the latest LCD TV and home theater does not make one a techie. You need to know how to calibrate these devices in order to make use of its optimum performance that makes one a techie.

So what do these three have in common? It's not enough that you have the technology you need to KNOW and UNDERSTAND it as well.