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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ate Glo stalking Obama

I've read about this in the paper. I had to laugh because it was so obvious and then her minions at Malacanang were so eager to defend that she wasn't stalking him. First, she wasn't able to get an audience with Obama when she was in the US and Obama was still campaigning for president. She was able to get an audience with McCain then. Now, two snub phone calls and an upcoming attempt on her next visit to the US.

Please, isn't it obvious that Obama is avoiding her like the plague? If you phoned someone to congratulate you but your call wasn't returned when it was in the news that Obama returned the calls of other World Leaders, plus your second call being snubbed, even the densest of persons would get the hint.

Oh well, after four years of impeachment complaints and countless rallies and calls to step down, if you can't get a hint then, you won't get a hint at all.