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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Party Ideas

Just a few days to go and it's Christmas. Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten around to decorating, mainly because we're still in the process of renovating our home. I'll be moving to a new place and by that time (hopefully next week), I'll be able to get around to putting up Christmas Decorations
at my new place.

After I'm done decorating, I'm thinking of hosting a Christmas Party/house warming party. It would just be intimate, me and a few close friends but I still want a theme for my party. Luckily,, aside from giving out Christmas Decoration ideas, also have a lot of Christmas Party ideas which I could use.

I don't think a Mexican theme would go well with the interior of my new place though a “white Christmas” theme would be nice. I always love spraying my windows with those snow-in-a-can. What I've really been trying to do since last year is come up with my own “snow machine”. It doesn't look to be that hard, all you need is some sort of water pump which you can buy from your local pet store, Styrofoam and a good imagination. Of course, cleaning up after the Holidays would be a PAIN.