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Friday, November 14, 2008

Comparing International Calling Cards

When I'm abroad, though I have my mobile with me, I really don't use it for international calling. For one, if I'm using my roaming number, the call charges are just WAY too high and second, if I am using a simcard of the country I'm in, international call rates of wireless carriers are still too high to compete with prepaid phone cards.

International calling cards is still the best and cheapest option for me. These calling cards have the cheapest call rates plus you have a LOT of options. You can even go online and compare which one is the cheapest option. Of course, don't just go for what's cheap, go for those who have an excellent track record of call quality. As for making long distance calls within the US, banana call calling cards provide pretty decent rates. They do charge a connection fee though so the dollar value of the phone card you're purchasing may not exactly correspond to their claimed call rates.

If you want phone cards that don't charge a connection fee, Nobelcom's phone cards also provide low rates without the connection fee though they charge a weekly rate if you don't use up all your load credits. The same goes with Enjoy Prepaid's calling cards which charges a slightly higher amount than Nobelcom but they call quality is slightly better.

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K said...

I recently went overseas and used international phone cards . There were awesome to use and such a huge help.