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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Evesham Alqemi SX 37 inch LCD TV

The recently manufactured LCD Television from the top companies has made some revolutionary advancement in their products. Evesham Alqemi SX 37 inch LCD TV offers great clarity of the pictures. It has high definition multi-media interface with best sound quality. It has 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. With this LCD television the users can enjoy the best sound quality and high pixel resolution.

Evesham Alqemi SX has the dimensions of 106.2cm x 26.5cm x 64.6cm.This device goes handy for the users to handle. Features that are incorporated in this model are the best when compared with the other branded models in the market. There is no smearing of the pictures, where this LCD television has a response time of 8ms. If the users like to watch more than 30 free view channels, the free view tuner, which is included in the model, helps to execute this feature. The contrast ratio is 1200:1 and the brightness level is said to be as 500cd/m2.

Best sound effects are delivered in this model by using the Dolby virtual sound technology. This helps in producing the sound in digital effect, which makes it natural and realistic. Complete digital effect is given to the audience with 5.1 channel-surround sound and the two integrated stereo speakers help to give the home theatre output. The +DVB-T and digital tick are the feature that are used for enhancing the TV tuning system.

The few noteworthy features of this Evesham Alqemi SX 37 inch LCD TV is the tele text and free view tuner. A total of 10 watts is required for the built-in speakers. HDMI, VGA (PC), video Scarts and the audio Scrats are the exceptional features available in this LCD television. Almost all the products of Evesham Alqemi offer outstanding colour and clarity.

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