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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How a GREAT advertising can make even the crappiest of products sell

If you love watching television then you've probably come upon some very clever advertisement. An advertising campaign can make or break a product. That's why large companies literally spends millions of dollars on their ads because it's the only way to convey the product to their customers. That is one of the main reasons why the crappiest of products can sell like hotcakes: effective advertisement.

However, this is only true during the initial introduction of the product but as time goes by, word of mouth advertising would have ruined the crappy product. The same goes with bad advertisement of a good product. In its initial stage, you shouldn't expect a lot of sales if your marketing advertising is ineffective but if your product is REALLY good, word of mouth would have made up for your bad advertising.

However, it does not mean that we should rely solely on word of mouth advertising. In a very competetive environment, one cannot rely on word of mouth advertising. I remember a time when Tide was the only laundry soap that households in the Philippines use. Then Unilever decided to make a clever series of advertisement for Surf and now, Surf is steadily competing with Tide. That's an example of an effective and aggressive advertising campaign.

So, what makes an advertisement effective? First, people should remember the advert as yours. Second, the advertisement should be clever and pleasant so that people can easily remember it. Third, you should pack the most important information about your product on your ad. Fourth, don't do it on your own but hire professional people for Marketing Advertising since in order to earn money, you should spend it on quality services.