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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How's the Real Estate in Austin Texas?

That was one of my questions when I recently visited my boyfriend's grandmother who's based in Austin Texas. I know that with the ongoing Financial Crisis, the real estate business has been suffering tremendously. Well, true to her logical self, she said that the state of Austin Texas Real Estate would have two views, from the buyer and seller's perspective.

Home prices have been dropping tremendously even in Central Austin and if you're just looking for a permanent place to stay then this would be the perfect time to buy your dream home. On a seller's perspective, of course prices droppingn would not be good news, except of course, if the seller bought the home at the cost way below the fair market value, then he's still in a win-win situation.

The bad thing about this is even if you took the chance of buying your dream home at their current price, there's really no telling the current US economic situation and chances are; prices will continue to drop and then you'll be hating yourself for buying your new home too early.

But I guess with Obama's win, American's will start being optimistic. I know it's still a long way to go to fix their current economic situation but--well, at this point, anybody's better than George Bush.