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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The iPod Touch Clones

So we all know that the iPod Touch is like the greatest MP3/MP4 player out there. But for those who just can't afford to shell out that much dough for an MP4 player, thanks to Chinese manufacturers, we have iPod Touch Clones flooding the market.

If you visit eBay or search google for iPod Touch Clones, you'll get a lot of Chinese website offering MP4 players that look at lot like the iPod Touch. However, you also don't want to be wasting your hard earned money on a clone which will probably last you only a month so here's some good iPod Touch clones which you might like.

Onda - Onda is well known for their iPod Touch look alike MP4 players. The Onda VX525 and the Onda VX858 have touch screen interface. It's not capacitive though but MP4 nation gives it a good review.

Optimus - Optimus also got a good review from MP4 nation. It has a smaller screen but they say it has a faster UI.

Meizu M8 - I don't know whether to call this a clone but a lot of people are actually waiting for the Meizu M8. They say it's actually better than the iPhone or iPod Touch. Meizu makes good quality MP4 players and their M6, though not a iPod Touch Clone also makes a god MP4 player.