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Friday, November 21, 2008

My Top 5 Cheap Gift Ideas

So, the Holidays are here again and with the current threat of recession, I’m sure a lot of us are dreading our Christmas shopping. Oh well, since I’m a shopaholic, recession will no way put a damper on my upcoming shopping spree. Here are a few gift ideas which you might like.

Christmas Cards. Because of E-Cards and animated greetings on Friendster, MySpace and Facebook, Christmas cards have lost its appeal. In my high school days I used to love giving Christmas cards to my somewhat close friends but were not really part of my “clique”. Christmas cards are cheap and it’s a lot more personal than say---scented candles.

Gift Certificates. Retailers and restaurants are now announcing the availability of their gift certificates in different denominations. If you have a little extra money, gift certificates combined with Christmas cards are perfect gifts to give to relatives. Hey, even a P100 gift certificate from Starbucks would make my Holiday.

Frames. No, I’m not talking about picture frames that used to top the list of unwanted Christmas gifts before scented candles became popular in the Philippines. Holiday frames or glasses are also good gifts especially to your friends who needs reading glasses or your parents or elder relatives. If you’re in the Philippines, Quiapo is the perfect place to go to get cheap frames, if you’re overseas specifically, the US, ZenniOptical offers cheap frames too.

Laser keychains/flashlights. If you’re the type to brave Divisoria during the Holiday season then you’ll find a lot of laser keychains or flashlights being sold in the night markets. These keychains usually sell for around 50 to 80 pesos. You can probably hoard around five of these as “emergency gifts” (like when someone you don’t expect gives you a gift and you didn’t get them anything).

Mobile phone accessories. Let’s face it, do you even know someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Mobile phone accessories would also be a good gift be it a mobile phone case or a dangling mobile phone chain. Mobile phone accessories would be a hit gift and comes cheap too (if you buy the china made ones), most ranging from 50 to 150 pesos.

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Lael Trent said...

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