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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Red Mobile: The newest network in town???

So, there's a new network in town: Red Mobile. But is this really a new network? One wonders why unlike Talk and Text, Addict Mobile and Touch Mobile where its advertisement is disclosed that they're powered by Smart or Globe, I didn't see anything of that sort for Red Mobile. My boyfriend argued that they can't say that they're powered by Smart when they have a separate 3G license. Red Mobile is owned by CURE (Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc.) which is a subsidiary of Smart Communications so why not disclose that fact?

I have no qualms with Smart, in fact, my current mobile subscription is with Smart because I'm so tired of Globe's services but making it appear that Red Mobile is a completely new player in the mobile market seems a little deceiving. I've been waiting for a new wireless network to compete with Globe and Smart (I was hoping that maybe Vodafone, 3 or T-Mobile would invest here but since our current laws prohibit foreign corporations from owning public utilities, they're limited to partnering with our local networks)so I had high hopes with Red Mobile until I visited their About Me page and saw that they're under Cure which is under Smart which means you get the same quality of service.

I guess that's why Red Mobile's advertisement is centered mainly against the Sun Cellular network.

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Anonymous said...

red mobile really disappointed me because i expected it to be a new competitor that will offers cheap services to all mobile phone owners but they didn't inform the public that this will only be compatible to all 3G handsets, not even their commercials tells anything about this policy...

when the time i decided to buy one i saw a note to it's upper right corner that it requires 3G phone.

stressful right? they are stupid!!!!!!!!!...