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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The uses of Ctrl + Alt + Del

Ctrl + Alt + Del is a command that most PC users should not forget. It’s a lifesaver especially when you have an old PC and it’s always in the fritz. Ctrl Alt Del will bring up the task manager which will allow you to control the programs on your PC. The applications tab will show you the actual programs you’re running, these are usually the running programs on your taskbar (e.g. internet explorer, microsoft word, calculator, etc). The processes tab shows you the running background programs. Background programs are the ones you haven’t launched or started but are usually started when you boot up windows.

Your firewall and antivirus software are usually found in the processes tab. The running processes on my PC are Vsmon.exe (ZoneAlarm) and wmiprvse.exe. All the applications running on the applications tab can be found on the processes tab but not all processes can be found on the applications tab. If a program is taking too long to respond you can end the program immediately using ctrl alt del and pressind the “end task” button in the applications tab.

If you’re PC seems to be running slow, you can check the processes tab for any applications that may be taking up too much memory. Some programs which you might have closed may still be running in the background and eating up your system’s memory, hence your PC’s performance is affected. You should be careful about ending processes as you might be terminating an important application which could lead to your PC becoming unstable. Before ending a process, be sure to search the net on what that process does.