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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is the best diet pill?

Some diet pills are just passing fads, however, if you're like me who's obsessed with losing weight, you probably get suckered in once in a while to buy these diet pills and later on regret your purchase. You're not to blame, in this time of fast food and instant foods, it's really hard to keep a balanced and nutritious diet and thus we turn to diet pills for help. I've tried some of these diet pills once in my life but I'm careful about what diet pills I choose. I carefully research the product and scour the internet for the best diet pills review that I can find.

Anyways, the best diet pill that worked for me is Hoodia Gordonii. I chose this product because during the time that I was researching this, it has no current known side effects. I purchased the Hoodia SA Complex over at HerbalpillsUSA.com. I did lose weight but it was too expensive for me then. I recommended this product to my sister but it didn't have any effect on her. I don't know whether it was just a psychological thing that's why it has an effect on me but if you were to buy other Hoodia Gordonii products, stay away from those sold in Ebay. I purchased two bottles and it didn't have an effect on me whatsoever. Anyways, before trying out any diet pills, be sure to Google it first and try to look for unbiased reviews of the product.