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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Phat

Honestly, I'm not really into shopping for clothes compared with shopping for gadgets. But once in a while, I would fall in love with a brand name. A few months back, I fell in love with Local Celebrity T-Shirts because a lot of Hollywood stars are wearing them. I've been ordering online and have asked some of my relatives to either ship my purchase here or bring it with them whenever they're coming home.

Now unlike Local Celebrity which I've discovered through the Internet, I've discovered Baby Phat in a local department store. It was their clothing line that I've discovered but even though they have Baby Phat here, being the bargain hunter that I am, I have to check the prices on the net to see if the price plus shipping would correspond to the local prices here. Well, there's not much price difference but the problem is that there are only a few Baby Phat products being carried here. On Baby Phat's website, there were a few BabyPhat Shoes that I've liked but I'm wary about buying shoes online because from experience, shoe sizes differ from different brands.

Anyways, I wish that the local department store would carry more Baby Phat Shoes and clothes. While I do love shopping on the net, finding a relative that would wholeheartedly ship the items I bought without so much as a grumble is pretty hard.

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Baby Phat Blog said...

It's too bad that there aren't too many stores that carry Baby Phat in the P.I. I'd be glad to help you out if you see something you like!