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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cashmere Coats for Men

When someone talks about cashmere coats, we automatically think it’s for women. But more and more heterosexual men are into fashion, take David Beckham. He’s straight but his fashion sense might be even better than his wife. That’s why the growing popularity of mens cashmere coats.

I was thinking of getting one for my boyfriend. We have been having a very cold weather these past few days and a cashmere coat would just be the perfect gift. I was thinking of getting him one of those with that Breath Thermo Technology. BTW, I always thought technology and fashion doesn’t go well together but I guess there is some tech in some clothes these days. With the breath thermo technology, the fabric absorbs the sweat you generate and then uses that moisture so that the clothes using this technology can make you warmer. And here I thought all those “tech” that Nike uses on their shirts is just “gimmick”.

Anyways, going back to cashmere coats, I’ve seen some online stores carrying men’s cashmere coats and they have a pretty good selection. Maybe I’ll even buy one for my relatives in the States and have the store mail it to them directly.