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Friday, December 5, 2008

Exclusive Mobile Phone numbers for your mobile marketing

Okay, the mobile phone market is just teeming with opportunities for your business especially if you’re looking to promote your website. Mobile Marketing has become a trend these past few years considering that more and more people just can’t live without their mobile phones. If you own a mobile phone I’m sure you’re very familiar with text promotions from different companies. Text advertisements are also fast becoming popular.

One disadvantage though of promoting your business using a regular eleven digit mobile phone number (consisting of your mobile carrier’s local number and the regular 7 digit number) is that it’s unprofessional. Sim cards can be bought for below P50 ($1.50) so it could be just about anyone texting your customer. We also have to take note that text scams have proliferated in the Philippines. There are tons of text messages stating that you’ve won a promo or something but the message will just turn out to be a hoax so that you can be parted with your money. So advertising using a regular eleven digit mobile phone number won’t do you any good.

Then there are shortcodes. These are 3 to five digit numbers which customers automatically know come from a reputable source. Mobile carriers and other businesses with tie ups with mobile phone carriers use shortcodes to advertise or promote their products. Using shortcodes will gain the confidence of your customers since not everyone can get a hold of shortcodes.

In the US, shortcodes are provided by different marketing companies and one of these companies is Cellit Mobile Marketing. Cellit provides small to large enterprises with the tools they need to reach their intended audience through mobile phones. Cellit helps their client set up their mobile marketing campaigns and monitor their results. A lot of companies have already used Cellit and Chicago Tribune and Variety even featured the company on their publication.

In the Philippines, I don’t know if mobile phone carriers have given third parties free reign in giving out shortcodes. I think you still have to coordinate with the network carriers in order for you to get your own local shortcodes. I’m not so sure if Cellit provides their services worldwide but I do know that there are other ways in order for you to get your own shortcodes without passing through our local carriers. You just have to be patient enough to scour through the thousands of Google results.

Though mobile marketing is still fairly new, you can bet that once companies can figure out how to harness its full potential, it would become one of the most effective advertising tools today, maybe even next to TV ads.