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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finding the Right Webhost

Until now, I still haven't decided whether I should move away from Blogger and get my own webhosting service. Like I said, I'm always satisfied with Blogger. Google has been wonderful and I rarely experience any downtime. Of course, things would be different if I have hundreds of thousands of visitors per day but as of now, Blogger meets my needs.

My only problem with Blogger is well, Blogger itself. I can't do a lot with the interface and widgets are limited. With wordpress, you can do a bunch of things and widgets are constantly being made. You are left with much more customization options with wordpress rather than Blogger.

Anyways, since my needs are few I'll probably just stick with whichever webhost is on top of every review website's top list and go with their basic package. It's too bad that's list doesn't include any free webhosting service. It would be nice to try out a service for free for a few days rather than spend my hard earned cash on a service that would turn out to be horrible.