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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hancock Movie Review

So, I just watched Hancock. I've been wanting to watch it back when it was still being shown in theaters and well, thank God I didn't waste money on a movie ticket though I did waste one for a DVD rental.

From the trailers, you know that Hancock is a different kind of superhero, he's drunk and an asshole. He does that because he's supposedly lonely. Then a man he saves tries to repay him back by being his PR manager and redoing his whole image. He agreed because he's got the hots for the man's wife (Charlize Theron). Wow, the things a hot chick can do, they can make a drunkard turnover a new leaf.

Anyways, the plot didn't really appeal to me. It's like the movie is encouraging infidelity. Sure, there were funny parts and the cinematography is okay but the plot did just not draw me in. Hancock is NOT a superhero movie, it's just a love story with a superhero thrown in for complication.