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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Heroes and Prison Break are getting boring

I'm really disappointed. Two of my favorite TV shows are getting tiresome to watch. Heroes and Prison Break is turning out to be a LOOONGGG soap opera on primetime TV.

What's the problem? Well first, Heroes. What happened to their writers? The plot always used to be so good on Heroes but now it's being repetitive. Peter always wants to be a Hero, Claire still have issues with her father and Sylar, well, he's still Sylar. He tried to change during the course of their first ten episodes but then he's not. Not that I started liking him during his "I'm now a good guy" phase. My main beef with the show is that the writers are leaving a lot of plot holes. During the first and second season, everything was tied up nicely and patched up and it connected with the first season but now everything's hodgepodge.

Then there's prison break. You would have thought that since Sara came back she would have contributed much to the show but it's like she's just an ornament on Michael's side to show that there's a romantic angle on the show and not just a full on blood bath. Also, there's a new twist to the show that would seem to suggest that the company's good after all. Never mind that they've killed a lot of people during the first two seasons, it's all for the greater good?! Come on, no even a miracle could save the company's reputation, I hope the writers are not thinking of making the company an actual good guy.

I'm sure some would disagree with me but I guess I'm really not just a "stay tuned for our next episode" kind of person. I guess that's why I like CSI best. There's always a closure at the end of every episode.