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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is still there a need for Satellite Internet?

Before broadband and DSL, satellite internet was a very good alternative to dial-up connections. Now, dial-up has become almost obsolete, at least for those near major US cities but in remote areas (yes, there are still those areas that exist in the US) there are still a few households who rely on dial-up to connect to the internet.

And since there are no broadband providers in these remote areas, satellite internet is still an option. The major providers of satellite internet in the US includes HughesNet, Skyway, WildBlue, and StarBand. I don't know about the other three but my cousins have been using HughesNet in the US and they're pretty satisfied with their speed (of course, we're talking about people who've lived on dial-up all their lives).

Anyways, there's always mobile broadband. Whether it's 3G or EDGE, mobile phone providers are slowly killing the satellite internet industry. With mobile broadband, you don't need any expensive equipment, all you need is a USB antennae, plug it in your PC and you're good to go. But the problem with mobile broadband is its reach. Again, in these remote areas where DSL can't be found, it's very likely that there are no mobile phone signals that reach them.

So unless these mobile phone companies widen their coverage, there's still room for satellite internet in the US.