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Monday, December 15, 2008

Keep track of persons/things without GPS

In the movie No Country for Old Men, the bad guy was tracking down some money that the protagonist came upon. He was tracking the money using some kind of remote control that lights up when the briefcase with the money was near. Now the movie setting looks old so I've wondered if that kind of technology exists back then.

Now if I guessed correctly, the bad guy used some kind of RFID transponders. RFID or Radio Frequency Identifiers have been used for some years now to keep tabs on items. It's what they use in CD store or other store wherein if you accidentally or intentionally try to leave with their items without paying for it there will be some kind of alarm that would be set off.

Now I don't know how RFID works but from my basic knowledge of these things, you need the chip to read the radio frequency and you need a reader. 2.4 GHz readers can locate the RFID chips even at a great distance. RFID transponders are cheaper alternatives to keep track of persons or things rather than GPS systems.

LOL, maybe I should think about getting one for my car keys and wallet since I'm always losing them.