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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LG Cookie KP500

I've seen the TV ads of the LG Cookie several times and I have to admit, it made me want to buy one. The LG KP500 or LG Cookie looks like a very capable mobile phone. It's sleek and stylish plus it only costs around 11,000 pesos. Not bad considering that most touch screen phones in the local market costs around 20,000.

I haven't been around LG phones much but according to some LG Cookie Reviews, it's actually a very good music player. The LG KP500 suffers from some lags though but what can you expect, it's only 11 grand. My niece wanted to buy one and I'm tempted to give her one for Christmas though I have four other nieces and I don't really have that kind of money to give.

I think it's great that LG is making the touch screen mobile phone market more competitive. So, do we hear a 10 grand iPhone from Apple? Probably not.