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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Must Have Free Apps for your PC

Do you know why a brand new PC costs so much? It's because of the bundled software. If you're thinking of buying a new PC or netbook, rather than spend more because of the bundled software like OS, office suite and antivirus, just opt for the hardware and read on for some of the must have freeware apps for your PC.

1. Ubuntu - of course, your brand new PC won't run without a software but rather than opting for a bootlegged copy of Microsoft OS, which will bite you in the a** in the long run, why don't you just go Linux. Ubuntu has been voted by many users as the best Linux OS. It's very user friendly doesn't take a lot out of your system resources. That's why it's recommended for those using ASUS EEE PC 701.

2. OpenOffice - Of course, we all need word editors and thanks to OpenOffice, we don't have to resort to spending around P5,000 for Microsoft Office basic edition. OpenOffice has everything: spreadsheet, word editor, and powerpoint software. It's very easy to use and thankfully, the user interface doesn't deviate much from MS Office so there's little to no learning curve necessary.

3. CyberDefender - There are a lot of Free Virus Protection software on the Internet and CyberDefender is one of these software. It's very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Als doesn't hog your PC's memory though it's ad supported.

4. Zone Alarm - Of course, your PC's protection doesn't end with an Antivirus software, you also need a firewall. Zone Alarm is one of the best firewall software in the market. Leaves little memory footprint and doesn't have ads or anything. It's one of the most recommended free firewall software on the Internet.

So there you go. My must have freeware apps for your PC. Thanks to the Internet, the best things in life are still free.